Friday, October 19, 2012

October Showcase Album!!!

We JUST released our October Showcase Album!
It features some of the best bands around!
Take a few minutes to download it, It's free!!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interview with Nowhere Near The End!

First off, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with and what do you play?

Brandon, I do vocals in Nowhere Near The End.

How long has NNTE been around as a band?

As Nowhere Near The End we have been playing together just over two years.

where did the name "Nowhere Near The End" come from?

I think it was Our drummer Steffen's idea. We wanted something that could be said two ways. "Now Here Near The End" and "Nowhere Near The End"
But after a few show's we just stuck with Nowhere Near The End.
To us it means that no matter what we are going to keep going and going and we will always be nowhere near the end. It's also easier to say haha.

In your experience, how has the band progressed since first starting out?

Since starting out we have done a complete 360.
We have been playing together for like 4 years. We had another band called In Shadow's We Shine. Which i originally didn't do vocals for but was pretty much all the same members.
We decided to get back together in 2010 and be "Nowhere Near The End'
We started off and Wrote and recorded a single called "Greater Heights" and then a EP Titled "Understandings" and played a bunch of shows until late 2011 we decided to take a break to just write.
So we started writing new music that was more what we wanted. We wanted to go in a more Hardcore direction but keep it all melodic.
We Released "Only Decisions" in the summer of 2012 and it is the music that we always wanted. Now we are working on new music in hope's to record another EP in 2013.
We have already finished two songs titled "Common Aggression part 1" and "Common Depression part 2" In my opinion this is the most personal music we have ever made.
We are progressing a lot and are super stoked to let people hear our new stuff.

I've realized that Texas has a lot of hardcore music,
Is it hard trying to make a name for yourself because of that?

Yeah there seems to be a big scene with so many band and this area.
There are not very many melodic hardcore bands out here though.
So hopefully that is in our favor.

For you personally, what has been the best show that you have played so far? Why?

We played a show with It Prevails, Volumes, Bermuda, Counterparts and Betrayal in early 2011 and it was such a good show.
I look up to Counterparts so much so being able to share the stage with them at the time was so awesome.
We ended up providing It Prevails, Betrayal, and Counterparts with a place to stay for the night.
Which progressed into Brendan Murphy of Counterparts doing guest vocal on Only Decisions.

Where do some of your guys' influences come from?

I know we are all very influenced by Counterparts, and Stick To Your Guns.
Some others that influence us are Verse, Defeater, Have Heart. Hundredth, Underoath, The Ghost Inside.
Landscapes. They are sick!

If you could play a show with any band, who would that be?

We have always talked about playing a show with Stick To Your Guns and The Ghost Inside.

What's the funniest thing to happen so far at a show? Worst thing?

There is nothing that really come's to mind. I know once we just started a set and i tripped over my mic cable and fell into the drum set and we had to stop playing.
That was pretty awesome haha. I know once we got to a show and Brennan forgot his guitar that was funny.

We really haven't had anything bad happen to us at a show. It's been pretty good.

For you personally, if you could play any other genre, what would that be?

Post Rock! I love Explosions in the sky and This Will Destroy You and stuff like that. I think Steffen and Jace would agree with me.
I think Brennan would love to sing in a pop-rock band but who knows.
I think Bearcat really wants to pursue a career in the rap game

Do you have any advice for other local bands around?

Hmm, Is a nice way to say this? Don't start playing shows until you are actually tight.
Don't be a asshole to the other bands.

Can you tell me a little bit about the last release that you have? Does it have a story behind the music?

"Only Decisions" was our last release. We recorded it in June, and released it later July online.
The name "Only Decisions" came from the idea that we have made a decisions to pursue music and we are kind of stepping out into the unknown.
The 1st song on there is "Hard Dreams" it is about our dream to play music full time and how we plan to make it a reality.
"Conserve No more" is the second song. Its about not conserving yourself and not letting this world hold you back. It kind of in the same theme with hard dreams.
After image is a transitional song. It gets more personal and along with "Only Decisions"
"Disposition" Is about losing friendships through out my life because of change.
We just decided to make it free for download online so go get it.

What can we expect from NNTE next?

Shows, Shows, Shows, and Some New Music.
We have also been looking into doing a music video.
Keep an eye out for us.

Check out their track "Only Decisions (Ft. Brendan Murphy)"

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Music This Week! (9/10/12 - 9/17/12)

Check out these great bands that we just started featuring on our Youtube!

Band: Miwa
Track Friends
Genre: Hardcore
Album EP
Facebook: Http://

Band: Deceive The Maker
Track In The Dark
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Album EP

Band: Adoleon
Track Medicine
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Album Sleepwalker EP

Band: Interiors
Track Observe, Fabricate
Genre: Hardcore
Album Single Release

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Interview with Here's To The Heroes

I recently had the opportunity to interview Cincinnati Pop Punk band, Here's To The Heroes.

First off, who is this interview with?
Cory Behm. I do vocals for Here's to the Heroes.

How long has HTTH been around?
Uh, I'd say probably about a year now. It's been an interesting process to say the least putting this whole thing together.

How has your music progressed from then until now?
I'd like to think we've gotten a little more mature. We've all done alot of growing up the past year or so we've spent together. I personally feel our freshman release wasn't nearly as personal or complete as I would have liked it to be from a lyrical standpoint. I think the new stuff we're coming out with has alot more substance behind it. I'm so excited to release it.

What are we to expect with the upcoming album?
If you mixed Nickelback and Bon Jovi together and gave James Hetfield a megaphone and had him scream Enter Sandman into a hurricane, it sounds sorta like that. Like I said though, we have all been through alot this past year. Curtis's younger brother took his life last August and it was really hard on all of us. We were all very close. I think this new stuff is urgent, it's got a really now or never feel to it. Carpe Diem and shit.

Where is your favorite place to play?
Curtis's house. We just started doing house shows there a few weeks ago. We just had our boys in Casting Call, Anchor Me Down, and States Away play there and it was amazing. We're doing it again on the 29th with Real Friends. Getting yucky with the boys.

I know you guys have toured, so could you give some advice to younger bands who are planning to go on the road?
DO YOUR RESEARCH. We've only done a few 3 and 4 day excursions so far, I wouldn't really call that touring, but we've already come across some of the shadiest venues you could even imagine. The places some people call venues is unreal. Floors full of animal bones and shit.

If you could only take 3 things on tour, what would they be? (Excluding Equipment)
DS with Pokemon Platinum. Act like you don't know about it. ALWAYS BRING DEODERANT. And lots of it. Dudes get gross, not just for you, but for dudes that get gross around you. Spray that shit and don't stop until your nostrils sting with the sweet sweet scent of Phoenix ya dig? Third thing would have to be a Physician's Desk Reference. Hollowed out. Inside, waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars, NASA blanket, and, in case I get bored, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." No, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." Question: did my shoes come off in the plane crash?

Mcdonalds or Burger King?

What's been the funniest moment during a show?
Our shows aren't funny. Moshing hard isn't funny. But if I had to pick something it would have be at one of our first shows, and one kid knew the words to all of our songs, except the one line in the one song when I held the mic out to him and he just said "don't know that part". It's on video, Travis Ayers is dumb.

Did you grow up listening to Pop Punk, or did you get into it later in life?
Forever and always. I think my first album I got I was 7 or 8 and it was Destruction by Definition by the Suicide Machines. Shit was dope back in the day. Not exactly pop punk but that opened the doors to MXPX and New Found Glory and The Movielife and Midtown and Fenix TX and all those other 90's pop punk bands that won championships.

What's the worst show you have ever played?
I honestly am glad for every show experience we've ever had. But if I had to pick the worst show it would have to be at this tattoo parlor in January in Hamilton. It was tight to play, but we had to play outside because of available space. I'm not sure sure if you were aware but Ohio winters are super hot. We were burning up.

What other genre's do you enjoy listening to?
I like hardcore alot. Dave used to be in Rose Funeral, all he likes is blaq metal. Overall our band typically likes music heavier than what we play, but we have fun with it.

Any other advice you can give to other local bands?
Don't ever stop trying. Who cares if you fail. It's only your life. Shit isn't that serious.

I personally love these guys! They have an upcoming EP getting released soon, so be on the lookout for it!
Check them out on Facebook:

Listen to their newest track, "The Anchor".

Monday, July 16, 2012



Boys of Fall - Chugga Chuggas (Post-Hardcore)
Here's To The Heroes - A Better Life (Pop-Punk)
Of Atlantis - Hopeless (Post-Hardcore)
Elliot Oakley and The Blacklights - In The Sun (Indie/Folk/Rock)
Keep 7 - Off With My Heart (Alt. Pop/Acoustic)
Path of Motion - Place Your Bets (Post-Hardcore)
Your Dying Breath - Voices (Post-Hardcore)
Machines of Our Own -(Man)Kind (Post-Hardcore)
Overworld - Until We're Dead (Rock/Metal)
Among The Ruin - Before You Go (Alt. Metal)
Wrong Foot Forward - Meg, Who Let You Back In The House (Pop-Punk)
Logical Terror - Unfilled (Metal)
Brokenland Parkway - Chaos Is What Killed The Dinosaurs, Darling (Pop-Punk)
Wings Denied - Clockwork (Metal/Rock)
Two Step With Marlon Brando - School Sucks (Pop Punk)
Let The Empire Fall - Resurfaced (Metalcore)
The Great Unraveling - ReGrowth (Metal/Hardcore)
Sub-Q - Die Trying (Metal)
Shield The Survivors - Doom (Metalcore)
Session 606 - Infidel Musk (You Are) (ElectroProg)
Improvidence - Cataclysm (Hardcore)
Midnight Pleasure - Smokey (Punk/Rock)
Sammy G & The Jackknives - Doing Fine (Rock n' Roll)
Jeanne Marie Boes - If It's Goodbye (Singer/Songwriter)

Download the entire album for FREE!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update 7/12/12

I've been so busy this Summer, I haven't been able to full utilize the features on our site. I'm going to slowly start making a comeback with our site, and we're going to have a lot of great, new features!

I can't wait for all of you to be a part of this!

-Trevor R. Browning (TB)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interview with Legacy

I recently got the chance to chat with Lupe from Legacy (Toledo, OH), about tour life, line up changes, and their new album. Legacy has been most identified by their single "Demons", which feature ex-vocalist Dan (Convictions), and former guitarist Elliott (Blessthefall). Their sound has drastically changed from their beginnings into a much heavier sound that features new vocals and crazy guitar work, as well as the insane drumming skills of Kirby.

First off, who is this interview with?

Hey dude, this is Lupe.

How long has Legacy been around? (From it's initial creation to now)

I want to say they started around August of 2010 maybe a little before that.. I didn't join the band until October 2010 to finish the line up as the "second guitarist." So about a year and a half.

Take me through the basic song writing process that you guys used for this new album.

Gabe and I would sit down and throw guitar riffs together and track them on our computer at home; We have Kirby have his way with the drums. We don't usually add vocals until we're in the studio and hear everything put together. We make sure there are hooks so the song is memorable and sticks in your head… whether it be instrumentally, screaming, or clean singing.

When people think of "Legacy", they usually think of the crazy line up changes that you've gone through. How have those changes influenced how you've grown as a band?

The changes influenced the growth of the band dramatically and I don't want to bash any of the old members, but now we don't have weak links holding us back. We have not done anything that Legacy hasn't done before, we have just exaggerated the aspects of Legacy's sound that we liked.

You're stuck on a deserted island, with only a stereo and three cd's. What cd's are they?

Underoath's Disambiguation, Eminem's Curtain Call, and Circa Survive's Blue Sky Noise.

Boxers or briefs?

Briefs all the way, I like support!

What's the craziest tour story you've encountered so far?

We just got off a tour and played the last date in Pittsburgh… Kirby lives closer to Pittsburgh than Ohio, where we were driving to, so he had his dad come pick him up at a McDonald's but while we were waiting two cars full of girls pulled up. Us being guys, we were egging on Kirby to hit on these girls so… Kirby being the only one in the band that would do it, he did. He put his arm around one of the girls and said "Sup?" nothing more… We all just had a laugh about it and went back to wait in the van. A half an hour later, two guys come up to the van and asked which one of us had a nose ring and Kirby leaned out the window and said, "I have a nose ring." They told him to get out of the van because the were going to beat his ass… We all laughed about it, not thinking they were serious. There were six of us and two of them but they insisted they were going to fight Kirby because he put his arm around one the guys' girlfriend. They told us that they had about twenty of their friends that were on their way to the McDonald's that we were at. As we were going back and forth with these kids I told Kirby to get in the back of the van and before anything could escalate any further the cops showed up "randomly…" which we found out later was because Kirby called them when we was in the van.

There seems to be more and more bands popping up these days. Growing into a highly successful group, what advise can you give to these younger kids?

If it is something that you are passionate about then you should go for it and not let anything stop you. The only thing that can stop you is you. Don't mind the haters and don't stoop to their level. Prove them wrong.

What inspired you guys to even start playing music?

Me, personally, growing up in Ohio there's nothing else to do… I just moved to a new school and since my grandpa, my mom and my dad played guitar there was always a guitar in the house so I picked it up one day and started playing, but I've always had a passion for music.

This one's for Lupe- Are you single? We seem to have a few female fans who think you're the bees knees.

Actually I am taken, but I do appreciate the compliment.

What are your feelings on the current status of the music scene?

I feel like around Toledo it's been rough.. Kids don't come out to shows like they used to but with things like The Jamboree 3 coming up it's getting better, in my opinion.
Kids need to support the bands that they listen to because without that support there won't be any bands.

Being a fellow Toledoan, I've got to ask- Mud Hens or Walleye?

Mud Hens only because I grew up going to Mud Hens games.

Describe your Best/Worst show you've played.

The best show that we've played was The Jamboree 2 last year. I didn't even think that many people knew who we were but we got a pretty nice crowd response.
The worst show that I've played was this last tour we were on… It was the first show and there were only five kids there. We drove from Ohio to Texas to play in front of five kids.

Your debut album is coming out next month. What can we expect from it?

We've started to establish the sound we want to run with so we're bringing it to the table.

How did Legacy get involved with InVogue Records? Did they find you, or did you find them?

We kind of just found each other. We knew InVogue would put the focus that we need into Legacy and we feel it is a good family to start our careers with.

Legacy's debut album with InVogue Records, "With Peace In Mind" hits store shelves on March 27th. I've been following these guys for awhile, and I'm beyond excited to see how far they've come as a band, through the struggles and triumphs they've had to been through. They're by far one of my favorite up-and-coming bands, I hope you take a listen to them and agree! 

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